Friday, August 14, 2009

Poor Baby!

See this sweet boy?

He just turned 1 last month and, for his life up to now, has been relatively healthy. But a few weeks ago, he got sick... fever for days and... um.... diaper issues. He got a horrible, awful, painful diaper rash. The fever lasted over a week and we finally got a diagnosis of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. The symptoms paled in comparison to the side effects. It was the first time he'd had a BAD diaper rash.

And I mean BAD!!!

So... what's a Momma to do? Me? I whip up some 'homemade diaper cream'! Yep - it was a 'recipe' shared on a ParentsPlace message board when my daughter was little - so that was over 8 years ago. It's still the best thing I've ever used to clear up that rash super fast. I mean, within half a day the pain seemed to be gone (no more tears at diaper change time) and the redness was significantly reduced. Let me share...

1 part original Desitin (not Creamy, generally 4 oz. - accept no substitute)

1 part Maalox (generic is ok, flavor is irrelevant :-)

1 part Eucerin Cream (not lotion, generic ok here too)

Mix together. Sometimes it takes a while to incoporate the liquid (Maalox) into the creams, but it'll get there. Slather on GENEROUSLY at every diaper change and you'll be AMAZED at how quikly it works. I know the Maalox helps to neutralize the acid from the 'upset stomach issues', the Eucerin soothes, and the Desitin protects.

So on his Birthday, this sweet boy was feeling much better:

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