Monday, February 14, 2011

Kids' Valentines

Just wanted to share the Valentines the kids (and I) made.  I had found a lot of neat ideas online and we looked at a bunch of them together and then Paige and Blake picked out the ones they wanted to use.

This is a huge idea all over blogland lately and they really did turn out pretty cute.  Blake liked the idea of taking a picture of him with a fist oustretched, then cutting a slit in the picture above and below his hand and sliding a lollipop into it.  We taped them on the back for security.  These would have benefitted from being glued to some cardstock first, but we just used the photos as they came and it works ok too.

Paige saw these printable iPhone valentines that wrapped around a box of conversation hearts and really liked them, so that's what her classmates are getting today.

I usually do some kind of special Valentine's Day meal, but haven't planned anything yet and don't have any ideas... so maybe I'll just make some chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert tonight and hope that is 'special' enough. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Thoughts of a Blog Stalker

It was probably mid-2008 when I started reading a few blogs.  Anyone that reads blogs knows that reading one leads to another (probably via a link) and it's possible to literally get lost linking from one blog to another - clicking "next page" or "more posts" to see everything each blog has to offer, then following a link to yet another blog... et cetera ad nauseum.

I have always loved making new things, trying new crafts, etc.  It wasn't until I started finding all of these blogs (first making them 'favorites' and then becoming a 'follower') that my list of 'to-do' projects became unattainable.  The list of projects I've seen and said "Oooh!  I want to make one of those!" is probably in the thousands.  I've bookmarked, downloaded, and read more tutorials for projects than I'll ever have time to make... even if I didn't have four kids, a full-time job, and a life!

I'm making an effort, though.  Here are five of the projects I'd added to my 'someday' file that were completed in time for Christmas.  I've added a link to the 'inspiration' blog for each of them.  Go forth and stalk!

All the kiddos needed new hats for Christmas, of course. 

Erika got a Jack Skellington (from Nightmare Before Christmas) hat.  Here's the pattern, and I just used a basic adult beanie pattern to start.

I thought a Super Mario Brothers mushroom hat would be the perfect fit for Blake (and he has probably worn his the most out of all of them since getting it).  Pattern here.  This was my first time doing a pattern within the stitches.  It was hard... lots of loose ends inside the hat... but he loves it!

As shown in this post, Paige has taken a liking to all things Sock Monkey after we made one for her.  I found this pattern and just new it would be the perfect hat for her.

Little Dean... I just wasn't sure what to make him.  He does, like many a toddler, love Elmo though.  So when I saw these patterns for Sesame Street beanies... I just had to make one.  The others may follow, in time.

And lastly, the other project I made for Dean as well.  He loves to tie his beloved 'blankie' around his neck and make a cape out of it.  So when I saw this reversible super hero cape... I just knew he'd love it.  And he does!  We call him Super Dean when he puts it on and runs around the house. 

The pattern was super easy! Disclaimer: Keeping it real, here.  I didn't take pictures when I first made it, so this is what it looks like after use and being shoved haphazardly into a toy box... wrinkles and all!

 Next week maybe I'll post my 'want to make' list with links to some of the projects.  Anyone interested?

Next project, though, I do believe needs to be a dog bed for poor Miss Eden.  She must be tired of contorting herself to fit into a cat bed.  Anyone have a good pattern/tutorial link?