Monday, February 14, 2011

Kids' Valentines

Just wanted to share the Valentines the kids (and I) made.  I had found a lot of neat ideas online and we looked at a bunch of them together and then Paige and Blake picked out the ones they wanted to use.

This is a huge idea all over blogland lately and they really did turn out pretty cute.  Blake liked the idea of taking a picture of him with a fist oustretched, then cutting a slit in the picture above and below his hand and sliding a lollipop into it.  We taped them on the back for security.  These would have benefitted from being glued to some cardstock first, but we just used the photos as they came and it works ok too.

Paige saw these printable iPhone valentines that wrapped around a box of conversation hearts and really liked them, so that's what her classmates are getting today.

I usually do some kind of special Valentine's Day meal, but haven't planned anything yet and don't have any ideas... so maybe I'll just make some chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert tonight and hope that is 'special' enough. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. I really enjoy your blog- so full of wonderful ideas and pics. Keep it up!

  2. Oh my goodness! The outstretched hand with the lollipop in it is GENIUS!! So cute too! ♥ that!