Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Furniture Makeover

I know I previewed that cute little cabinet a few weeks back and have yet to show the 'after'. I'm not completely happy with it and am still putting some thought into it.

So, here's another more recent project.

I bought two of these simple chairs on Craigslist super cheap ($5 each) - didn't really know yet what I wanted to do with them and they're just not as comfortable as I was hoping... but for $5 I'm sure we can find some use for them.

So this is the first one. I'm horrible at this - I hate sanding. So I go the 'quick and dirty' route and hope it holds up. I simply wiped this down with a wet rag, primed and spray painted. No repairs or sanding at all on the frame. So... it's far from perfect but it is cute.

For the seat, I removed all of the cane (?) and was left with an outer wooden frame. I stapled a quick woven 4-strap upholstery webbing base, added padding, and stapled fabric over the whole thing. I wished I'd used more padding and may redo it, but I'll have to buy more staples first :-)

The fabric, batting and paint I already had on hand. I did buy the upholstery webbing but still have some leftover. Total cost - under $10.



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