Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eggplant.... is the new purple?

No before pictures of this one... but it was formerly my mother-in-law's bathroom painted a soft mauvey-pink with a gauzy white shower curtain. It was pretty... but my 7 year old son wasn't too happy with it being 'his' bathroom now.

I wanted something that was bright and colorful since it's now the 'kids' bathroom, but it's also a guest bathroom so I didn't want to go with a traditional 'kid' theme like monkeys or fish...

I found the shower curtain months ago online and thought it fit the bill. Lots of nice colors and a fun print. I had lots of options for wall color, but had always wanted to try a 'darker' color - go for the bold, right? So I considered many of the options... would love to do red but Paige doesn't really like red... Blake loves orange but it's a pretty pumpkin-y tone in the curtain and I wasn't sure if I'd like that. The deep aqua blue is gorgeous, but we already have 2 tourquise bedrooms upstairs and I wanted something different.

So in looking at paint chips I decided to try the deep purple... eggplant! It's a small bathroom so it was hard getting pictures, but this one shows the wall color against the curtain:

I wanted to bring in as many of the colors as possible, so went with 2 different colored rugs for the floor:And because my kids just aren't the best at hanging their wet towels over the towel bar to dry, I replaced the bar with bright red hooks "locker room" style that I think will be easier for them.

I still need to accessorize... find some kind of baskets or boxes that will fit in the cubbies of the shelves for storage. Not shown, I also painted the light fixture red as well :-)
The kids seem pretty happy with it... as am I.

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