Friday, January 22, 2010

Think like a blogger...

So I'm obviously SO not good at this. Not only am I not good at blogging (how sporadically can I update and still be considered a blogger?) but I do things everyday but don't "THINK" like a blogger yet. I don't think... "Ooh, I'm about to make some homemade laundry soap... I should take pictures of the steps so I can post about it..." and I should (cause it was pretty neat!)

Time to start thinking like a blogger, right? I'm gonna play catch up for a bit, I guess.

Here are a few more 'Snuggies' I made just before Christmas. These were actually a paying gig :-)

Dean thought they were nice and soft...

And here's Paige modeling one for me. It's nice a roomy to allow to be tucked up under those chilly footsies.

About that homemade laundry soap... I've read about it online for years, and this year is going to be seriously testing my frugality, me thinks. Hubby was laid off last year and the job market stinks so bad we figured further academic endeavors are the way to go. So he's watching the kiddos during the day and taking evening and weekend classes. We're stretching the budget fo' sure.

I used a recipe found online... but have no lovely photos of the process. How about I promise to take pictures of the next batch... in a few months? Then I'll be able to let you know how well it's working too.

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  1. You are one busy lady. I've looked through your blog, and think it's great. I really enjoyed it. You are a family person, and I love the photos of the kids. You did a nice job on the Snuggies, and Dean sure looks cozy. Paige is very pretty in her snuggy. Your cakes are beautiful, and the furniture you re-did is lovely. You have a lot of talent. Your blog was very ineresting. Hope to visit it again soon. Such a nice variety of interests. Your children are happy and adorable. Thank you for sharing.