Monday, February 22, 2010

Craftiness Abounds!

Finally had a little bit of crafting time over the last week and hoping for even more this coming week.

Inspiration here for this little sewing-table-side ironing board. I don't guess it's big enough to iron clothes on, but who does that anyway? It's perfect for pressing open seams, etc. without having to get up from my sewing table.

I used two layers of insulbright thermal batting which I duct taped :0 to the tabletop and then cut my fabric a few inches larger than the top and sewed a casing for elastic around the edges. Super cute and in a fabric that will coordinate nicely with an upcoming, larger-scale project...

Following this tutorial, I made a "Coffee Cozy" for a coworker from the same and a coordinating fabric. I didn't have a cup with me when I made it, so I just followed the tutorial. I used one layer of the same insulbright batting for this.
Now that I can put it on a cup, though, I think I'll make the next one with two buttons and elastic loops to keep it closed a little better. I also think it could be a little longer because scooting it up much higher on the cup opens the overlap edges some. I might tweak this one, but it's really cute!

I've linked this to: The Girl Creative


  1. i love that idea i see those little tables all the time at the thrift store!

  2. I love the topping on the table. My brother ruined a table's top of mine, but it's in great shape. I can redo it like you did, and it will look great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. hello genious! I always dread having to get out the huge beast for just a craft of two. Then I end up using a napkain on the kitchen counter. It is always tough to keep the napkain down and the fabric centered, etc, etc ugh! BUT THIS is a cooler than life idea! seriousely, I could go on and on about this... so I'll take off for now! one last thing... LOVE THIS! :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  4. Very cute. Love the fabric you selected.

    I hope you'll drop by AtticMag to tour my home.

  5. Oh I love the little ironing table! What a clever idea!

    Thank you for visiting SewCraftyMeg and leaving a comment last week!


  6. Ok...making my Mom one of these! GOOD THINKING!