Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend Progress

I've been super busy at work all week so have not yet had a chance to post on my weekend progress.

Task ONE - Twin Sheet TeePee tent for Dean: Check!

I'd still like to make some cute flags for the tops of the poles. I also missed the note on the pattern to make sure that the sheet is the same on both sides. You can see above that the left side of the flap opening is the backside of the sheet and it is lighter, but I'm guess Dean doesn't care too much.

He got right in it when he saw it (right after waking up - hence he still has his paci... and he does prop the 'handle' of it up under his nose like that... always) and it's big enough for all 3 kids to squeeze in if the want to... although Paige can't stand up in it.

The kitties play with it too... to the point of skewing all the poles as they try to attack each other - one inside and one outside the tent...

Just hanging out in the teepee...

So... Task TWO - Girl Scout Tablecloth - did not get done. It's in progress and I'll finish it up this weekend. What I did spend several hours on Saturday doing, though, was building something Paige has been wanting to work on since October.

We got two new kittens last October and Paige really wants one of those cat tree climber/scratching posts. If you've ever priced them at Petco or Petsmart, though, the nice sized ones are upwards of $100... much more for multi-level ones. I told her I thought we could build one.

So we found some particle board left out on the curb for trash day at a neighbor's house. It was intact sheets, they were just moving and didn't want to take it I guess. So we started with a box:

We cut a hole in one side and then carpeted the inside before nailing on the top. We got involved and didn't really get too many in-process shots, but here's one:

It's not finished either - we ran out of carpeting and still want to add one more upwards level. But for now, it's got three posts and a hidey box. Total cost was $0 because we already had nails and staples on hand, 2x4's (posts) were leftover from another project, and the carpet scrap was also a curbside find.

The cats have already been on it constantly and play in and around it. Often, there's one on top batting at the one inside the box.

Here's Kitty in the box playing with Opie down below...

I must say, I think Kitty approves. She's saying "Thank You" - see it?

And lastly... a quick ModPodge project. We discovered two landscape canvases in the back of Yvonne's closet when we were cleaning out her room. Paige really needed some art for her room, so we just painted over them in brown paint (same used for the dresser furniture redo several months ago) and then printed letters in cute fonts, cut them from scrapbook paper, and ModPodged them on.

Up close, a few brushstrokes are visible from the previous landscapes, but they're cute and fun and take up some nice space on her wall.

While I didn't accomplish everything I planned, I did have a productive weekend and am pleased with everything we did.


  1. Eeek! I love how the teepee turned out!!

    WOW, I am going to have to try my hand at making a kitty hut for my cat. She would love to have something like that! Yours looks great!

  2. I love how your teepee turned out-and how cute your little boy is inside it! You really did a good job! I love, love, love seeing peoples projects from this tutorial!

    Thanks for sharing your incredibly productive weekend!

  3. Wow! That is very impressive. I have been meaning to make the tent for a while. I love the idea so easy so brilliant.