Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Domo Arigato, Mr. Destructo...

It's been way too long since I've posted, I know. We've been busy, though. I have lots of projects to show over the next few days.

The biggest news, though, was that my little man turned TWO! We didn't do anything big... just had cake at home with family. He enjoyed blowing the candles out so much, we did it several times - even on just his piece of cake.
DISCLAMER: You'll notice that in every picture I post of him, he is shirtless. He's going through that independent, 'I've learned I can take my own clothes off' phase. He is often seen running around in just a diaper not 5 minutes after we've gotten him dressed. Yes, he's also discovered he can remove his diaper as well, but thankfully he brings it straight to us so we can throw it away (and get another one on him).

He's such an.... ummmm... trying child. This boy can make more messes and get into more stuff than I've ever dealt with before. Just for a bit, probably 15 minutes, I took pictures of everything he got into:
Digging in the bookshelves in the living room...

Climbing up on tables (after clearing them off, of course)....

Climbing the stairs... the WRONG way....

And even though this was 'destructive' and something he probably should have been told not to do... when I found him sitting in the windowsill, behind the blinds, with our cat Opie... it's just too cute to be upset about.

He's talking really well, but is going through that phase where he gets really upset and frustrated when he's trying to tell us something and we can't understand him. He's also having a VERY hard time with sharing... or having to give up something he wants but we have to take away because it's breakable or doesn't belong to him.
He's definitely a sweetie, though. That smile... those eyes.... I know he can melt my heart.

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